Budget Synthetic Grass


  • Yarn Height 27mm
  • Yarn Shape C
  • Soft Yarn
  •  Stitches 15000 P/M2, 2 layer backing
  • DTEX 7000
  • Chemical & Lead Free
  • Kids & Pet Safe
  • Good UV Rating and SGS approved

Grass roll is available in 2 meter width.
Advertise price is per square meter.

Note: Please contact our sales team to purchase the Budget Synthetic Grass





Benefits of Synthetic Grass

1. No watering

2. No Mowing

3. No costly garden Maintenance

4. More Family Time

5. Good for Pollen and Grass Allergic Person

How to Select Grass
There are 4 major parts while considering synthetic grass which are

1. Stitch Rate:  It describes the no. of stitches of grass. It normally calculate or describe by per m2.

2. DTEX: In easy words, it tells us the weight of the yarn or grass fiber used to make grass. More DTEX means more thicker and heavy grass. If you are installing grass in no or less traffic area then you can use “Low DTEX” but if it is for your outdoor garden then better to stick with “High DTEX”. It might be more expensive but it lasts long more and save your money to redone the project again.

3. Pile Height: It means height of the yarn, it varies from 10mm to 50mm. For lush looking garden better to go with 30 to 40mm grass, higher than 40mm need more frequent brushing to keep the grass fiber straight. if you want to use for sports then 10mm to 15mm grass is perfect to use.

4. Color: Good synthetic turf available in Olive Green, Lime green, darker Green and 4 tone grass fibers and more. Cheaper grass is coming in only one color yarn shade which will not make a natural appearance.

Other factors need to consider

1. Has to be safe for family and pets.

2. Has to be lead free

3. Made from new raw material

4. Good drainage

5. Good Fire retarded rating

How to install the Synthetic Grass
Follow these steps to install

1. Clean the designated area where you lay turf.

2. To make a room for new base, dig the top by 100mm deep or raise it 100mm high.

3. Install a outside frame/edging to make it separate from surroundings surface.

4. For base filling, you can use Recycle Road-base material, Blue-stone dust or Crusher stone (use 20mm stone for 80mm depth and 5mm/fine crush rock for the rest 20mm depth).

5. After filling, Make the entire filing wet, Be sure not to over water your sub base.

6. Compact your area with Hand Compactor or Compactor Plate.

7. Level you area. Fill your area if it is low and scrap off if it high. Spent enough time to make sure It is good level before you lay grass.

8. Unroll the synthetic turf on the surface.

9. Pull and align grass to make sure it lay flat on the surface without any wrinkle.

10. Use few nails on edges to secure grass so it can’t move.

11. Using a art knife or utility knife, cut the extra turf from back side.

12. Use nails to fix the grass to the ground, on edges you can use 3-4 nails in a meter and inside of grass edges you can install 1 nails in every 300 – 400mm apart.

13. Use sand or rubber infill on the grass surface, normally it is 20kg sand on 4m x 1m area. For sand infill, you can calculate your total grass area and divide with 4 whatever the result come, you need that much bags of 20kg sand.

14. Spread evenly sand and then brush up the grass with a electric broom so sand will penetrate and settle down on the grass bottom surface. Make sure do broom to make turf fiber upward.

15. For high traffic area, keep doing regular brooming after few months to keep grass more natural and straight.


Note: This Guide is just for information for DIY purpose, Please do your own research as well before preceed.

Things Which Can Damage Grass
Few things keep in mind, which can damage grass

1. Double Radiation: If you install the grass near fence, glass windows where sun rays reflect to grass. These double radiation act as a magnify glass and in hot summer it makes almost double the temperature on the affected area and cause melt and burn effect on grass.

2. Placing a grill, fire pits on or near the synthetic turf can also damage it.

3. Use sharp tools, garden tools like edge trimmer, game accessories like dig pole for tennis net, running heavy machine can damage the synthetic grass.

4. Use of heavy chemicals like HCL can damage synthetic grass, never use acetone and petroleum based product to clean grass. Always use water soluble product on grass to clean it.



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